The following 19 tracks have been proposed for EHPS 2015. Any submission must fall within one of the tracks. Click on the track name for more information.

1. eHealth and mHealth

Chairs: Rik Crutzen (NL), Felix Naughton (UK)

The use of information technology, social media, or mobile and wireless devices in health psychology research and interventions

2. Resilience and Health

Chairs: Geir Arild Espnes (Norway), Evangelos Karademas (Greece)

Resilience factors and individual difference variables in relation to health and illness

3. Stress and Coping

Chairs: Andrea Horn (Switzerland), Georgia Panayiotou (Cyprus)

How psychosocial demands and resources affect emotional distress, coping and health outcomes (except coping with chronic illness, see track 5)

4. Self-Regulation in health and illness

Chairs: Anna Levke Brütt (Germany), Martin Dempster (Ireland)

Contributions related to goal or self-regulation theory, including self-determination theory, the common sense model and illness perceptions

5. Chronic Disease, Pain and Psychosomatic Issues

Chairs: Veronique de Gucht (NL), Ronan O’Carroll (UK)

Issues associated with health and illness associated with pain, chronic illness, or psychosomatic issues (except interventions, see track 6)

6. Interventions in Chronic Disease

Chairs: Trudie Chalder (UK), Maria Karekla (Cyprus)

Interventions delivered to patients or high risk individuals (e.g. hypertension, obesity)

7. Ageing and Older People

Chairs: Kevin McKee (Sweden), Lisa Marie Warner (Germany)

Issues in health and illness related to older age and ageing (e.g., disability, caregiving)

8. Social Support and Health

Chairs: Marios Adonis (Cyprus), Mariët Hagedoorn (NL)

How social support impacts on health outcomes

9. Health, Families, and Children

Chairs: Maria da Graça Pereira Alves (Portugal), Jan Willem Nieuwenboom (Switzerland)

Issues in health and illness associated with development of children and adolescents and with family relations

10. Well-being and Quality of Life

Chairs: AnnMarie Groarke (Ireland), Maria Teresa Munoz Sastre (France)

Health, illness and positive aspects such as positive emotions, life satisfaction, and functioning

11. Health Behaviour Change Models

Chairs: Molly Byrne (Ireland), Sonia Lippke (Germany)

The application of theoretical models (e.g., social cognition models, dual process models) to the prediction of health behaviour

12. Health Behaviour Change Interventions

Chairs: Denise de Ridder (NL), Lena Fleig (Germany/Canada)

Theory-based interventions aimed at health behavior change

13. Public Health and Health Promotion

Chairs: Nelli Hankonen (Finland), Rachel Povey (UK)

Public health interventions delivered to a group or population, including environmental interventions and interventions at the worksite (for work and health, see track 17)

14. Risk Perception and Communication in Healthcare Settings

Chairs: Peter Harris (UK), Rob Ruiter (NL)

Perception and communication of health risk, including genetic risk and procession of health-risk information (including self-affirmation)

15. Health Services Research

Chairs: Karen Morgan (Malaysia/Ireland), Efharis Panagopoulou (GR)

Quality of health care, medical performance and medical mistakes, and communication with health professionals (e.g., doctor-patient)

16. Culture, Social Change and Health

Chairs: Elvira Cicognani (Italy), Antonia Lyons (New Zealand)

Cultural or socioeconomic aspects of health and illness, and health effects of social change; critical health psychology

17. Occupational Health

Chairs: Anthony Montgomery (Greece), Margot van der Doef (NL)

Studies on the impact of work on health outcomes

18. Psychophysiology, Psychoneuroimmunology and Neurophysiology

Chairs: Claus Vögele (Luxembourg), Mark Wetherell  (UK)

Psychobiological aspects of health and illness, psychoneuroimmunology, endocrinology, cardio- vascular psychophysiology and neurophysiology

19. Methodology

Chairs: Frank Doyle (Ireland), Wendy Hardeman (UK)

Methodological issues in health psychology – techniques, analyses, and critiques